ECM Technologies offers the complete combination of services needed for a product to be produced with Precise Electrochemical Machining (pECM) from scratch.

In order to achieve optimal results for its clients ECM Technologies initiates every product order with customized R&D. Through our unique 4-phased R&D approach we have established ourselves as the knowledge authority within the pECM field. This customized approach guarantees optimal Production phase outcomes. 

Through the extensive know-how and experience on the process, ECM Technologies has been recognized as the knowledge leader within the pECM industry. Other companies and professionals are capable of employing our thought leadership capacity through requesting our Consultancy & Training services.

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Process overview

PECM is an advanced metal-working technique which can machine products that are difficult or impossible to produce through conventional techniques. It is an extremely accurate process, capable of machining any electrically conductive work, even new exotic metal alloys irrespective of their hardness, strength or thermal properties.

Unlike the previous generations of pECM machines, the current technique benefits from a vibrating axis and pulsating power supply. This concept results in the great accuracy of the process nowadays, enabling the micromachining of products with thin and fragile structures.

PECM can add accuracy and substitute processes, such as drilling, polishing, or milling, along with machining and designing what is not possible to be done by conventional machining, such as micro-machining and shaping hard-to-reach locations in practically any electro-conductive material. Read more about the process application of the pECM technology. 

The majority of the high industries can benefit from applying pECMLearn more about some of the industries which ECM Technologies has developed processes for.

Elaborate process know-how and extensive technological experience provide us with a leading role advantage in the precise electrochemical machining technology's future development.

ECM Technologies is a Dutch-USA machining company, recognized
as a
leading knowledge authority in the field of precise 
machining, which has been operating
on the global market ever
since its inception in 2003.

Here at ECM Technologies, we put constant effort into advocating
the multiple benefits of the electrochemical machining process
over the conventional machining techniques. Those process
promotion activities, together with our extensive R&D
knowledge capabilities have placed us at a leading
thought leadership position within the pECM market.
We recognize the responsibility of maintaining
our knowledge authority role, and thus strive
to keep on offering superior products and
services to our current and potential clients.

Company profile

Michael Faraday, Founding father of ECM Technology

1791 - 1876

Albert Einstein used to keep a picture of Faraday next to his work desk. So does Mr. Wolters, the CEO of ECM Technologies.

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